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Bach Flower Remedy

Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) was invented by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936). He was a physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher from Birmingham, UK. From his medical practice as a Medical Officer and House Surgeon, he became aware in 1912 that people’s personality and attitudes have an effect on their state of health. From his experience, he concluded that personality is more important than symptoms. Over the following years from his studies of his patients, he had a few revelations of type of persons and their relation to illness. He realized than the effect of emotional state on health. In 1930, he started developing a method of preparing plant remedies using pure water.

Holistic aromatherapy restores physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When essential oils are correctly used, the oils can address such conditions as anxiety, depression, muscles aches, headaches, PMS and menstrual problems, back pain and insomnia to name a few.

“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.” (Dr. Edward Bach)

Emotion and Health

He classified 38 negatives states of mind and has developed 38 remedies for those emotional states. Our physical self and illnesses are manifestation of our mind and thoughts. Emotions such as transition, anxiety, fear, loneliness and despair affect health, intermingle, and precede each other. One does not have to use all 38 remedies in any disease. For each specific mood or emotional state, he discovered a corresponding flower from a plant or tree, which assist in alleviation of the disharmony of the mind body- soul. The only exception is Rock Water as it is made from the water of natural spring with healing properties.

General information about Bach Flower Remedies

BACH Flower Remedies are simple, natural and effective.
Five remedies are used from the 38 remedies are called the Five Flower Formula.
They are Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose. To this combination
Crab Apple was added and hence the infamous Rescue Remedy (RR). Rescue Remedy is used in times of crisis, acute emergency and stress, phobias, trauma, shock, stage fright, interviews, etc. Other uses are sunburn, rashes, itching, cuts, burns, hemorrhoids, and gingivitis and diaper rash.

Rescue remedy can be used a minimum 4 times a day. It has self- diminishing effect (over a period of time you take less and less as you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically). (BFR is made with 27% grape alcohol). BFR can be stored up to 5 years in their concentrated form.

Method of action for Bach Flower Remedies or Rescue Remedy

Flower essences work with energy of life force or vibration energy. You can see it via Kilran photography. The water becomes infused with the life force of the flower or tree blossoms. It thus retains the healing essence, to impart their restorative powers to fortify mind body and soul. They work specifically on the emotional state of the person to make them aware of the dis-ease and enabling them to be aware of their attitude. With awareness, one is gradually able to transform the negative attitude into a positive one. RR helps develop virtues to connect with higher self and our positive potential.

Dr. Bach also believed different persons suffering from the same disease do not necessarily benefit from the same medicine. As each of person is marked by our life experience and personal belief system, we all are affected differently by illness with a few similar symptoms. When a personality takes over, one loses contact with the soul and loses touch with reality but identifies strongly with the disease.

The subtle actions of the remedies are classified into five parts:
1. Peeling away the underlying emotions, issues.
2. Retrospective -people around you observe your change
3. Positive effects- more relaxed and in touch with yourself
4. No response, some people have no response. This could be attributed to ingestion of wrong remedy
5. Side effects- as in any healing process flu, rashes, upset stomach are sometimes observed in some persons

NOTE: With most healing system you sometimes feel worse before you get better. The
body’s innate healing and/or cleansing mechanism has to clear the “blockage and toxin.” As we peel off one layer another layer emerges. If you have a response and/or reaction you do not like stop taking the remedy.

Can everyone use it?

BFR can be used by adults, babies, animals and plants. BFR is not meant to replace
serious and emergency medical situation, but it can be used while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.

How to take BFR?

BFR can be added to any drinking liquid medium. 4 drops in a carrier bottle. A carrier is any liquid preferably water, mineral water, juice, tea, coffee, soy, milk, etc. It is not advisable to use distilled water, as distilled water does not have the life force or vibration frequency necessary to cause the effect. This mixture must be used within a week and results will vary from person to person.

Caution: Do not touch the dropper to the mouth to avoid contaminating the BCF.

To prolong shell life in carrier bottle use brandy or apple cider vinegar. Use a dropper bottle. Add 4 drops (half teaspoon) of brandy or apple cider vinegar in to carrier medium as this will prolong shell life for 6 months. If you are mixing personal remedies, use 2 drops of each remedy. Only a maximum of six different remedies can be mixed at any one time. The remedy should be stored away from heat.

Unlike homeopathy, RR is be taken at any time and is not neutralized by garlic, mint or Tea-tree oil. Recommended dosage is a minimum 4 times a day, first thing in morning and last at night & morning.

Recommended readings

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Remedies specific to immune -suppression

These remedies are specific for dealing with physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual issues in immune suppression. (STAR OF BETHLEHEM, ROCK ROSE, CRAB APPLE, GORSE, OAK, WILD ROSE, ROCK WATER)
Other general remedies for immune suppression are: ASPEN, ELM, GENTIAN, MIMULUS, MUSTARD, WALNUT.
A brief description of the 38 remedies below.

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